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Black & white photography lends itself beautifully to wedding imagery. I recommend using both colour and black & white to tell the story of your wedding.

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Black & white wedding photography:

I am a Montreal wedding photographer and I’ve always worked in colour and black & white. It’s important to see the colours of your bridal bouquet, the subtle hues of your bridesmaids dresses and the warm glow of your candle-lit reception. But do not overlook the timeless beauty of black & white. It has a completely different impact than colour photos. In my wedding packages, I always include a special selection of black & white images.

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Some brides have commented that the black & white photos are the most artistic and creative photographs of the collection. They are certainly the ones that capture my imagination. I have always loved black & white photography. Weddings are a beautiful way to showcase that style of work.

Black & white photography inspiration:

My black & white photography is inspired by the incredible work of these great photographers: Henri Cartier Bresson, Jacques Henri Lartigue and Robert Doisneau. Their black & white images are breathtaking. Their photography succeeds in beautifully capturing little moments in time. The work of these photographers transcends documentary photography into Fine Art Photography. These great masters (among many others) continue to inspire and influence my work. Below is the fantastically romantic and famous photo by Robert Doisneau called “Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville, Paris 1950”.

wedding photo inspiration

What makes Black & White photography great?

Black & white photography is all about light and shadow. A great black & white photo has a certain amount of contrast with hints of pure black and pure white. It should also have a clear narrative – a story told in a single image. Without a clear subject, a black & white photo may appear muddy and cluttered. These two simple qualities will make a black & white image elegant, captivating and timeless.

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How many wedding photos should be in Black & White?

When I first began my career in wedding photography, everything was shot on film. I always had a dedicated camera loaded with black & white film. When the moment was right, I could capture it in this classic format. Now with digital photography, all images are shot in colour. In my post-production and editing I can recognize the images that will really shine in black & white. I always include this classic look in all my wedding collections.

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There is no exact number of images in any given wedding package that will be in black & white. I like to discuss the tastes of the couple. I like to find out about their level of interest in ‘black & white’ and take it from there. But I still can’t resist including some of the most special photos in black & white. It’s really what I think sets my work apart from other wedding photographers in Montreal.

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Your black & white photos will show you aspects of your wedding day in a way you never imagined. These timeless images will easily stand the test of time. I want my black & white images to be classic, elegant and timeless. A beautiful black & white photo in a simple silver frame to be cherished for many many years to come. This is the photo that will instantly bring back an emotion, a memory and a moment in time. That is what I work to achieve with my photography.

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