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Here are 7 easy tips to get the most out of your Family Photo Session with children. With my years of experience, I’m here to offer you the best and easiest steps to ensure a really great photo session with young children. 7 EASY TIPS FOR A GREAT PHOTO SESSION 1. GET SOME REST Make sure you and your children get to bed early. Rested children will be fresh and ready for their photo shoot. Everyone will have a more enjoyable time and the results will be better.


If possible, try to book a morning session with your photographer. Children are at their best for photos in the morning.

3. HAVE A GOOD HEALTHY MEAL BEFORE YOUR SESSION Low sugar, high protein breakfast will give children the energy they need to enjoy the photo session.

4. DON’T BRIBE, A FUN PHOTO SESSION NEEDS NO REWARD If you present the session as an adventure and a fun activity, children will follow your lead and enjoy the experience. It’s not about “getting it done” and “you’ll get a treat if you do everything Kate says”. I’m here to give your children a great experience in the studio and capture the real moments as we have fun in the studio. Children can’t be bribed into having a good time, set good expectations and enjoy your time as a family.

5. LET THE PHOTOGRAPHER TAKE THE LEAD Children pick up on the energy of the room. For this reason, I like to be the one to set the tone for the shoot. That being said, parents – you know your children the best. So I will rely on your help to talk to them about what they love and get them enthused about the session.

6. ONE OR TWO OUTFITS IS JUST RIGHT In my experience, breaks and pauses for outfit changes tend to slow down the flow of the session. So I would rather spend that valuable time shooting photos. Absolutely feel free to bring more than one outfit, but start the session with your top choice and we’ll take it from there.

7. SICK CHILDREN? DON’T BE SHY TO POSTPONE. (GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY IS WORTH WAITING FOR…) If you’re child or children aren’t feeling well on the day of the shoot, please give me a call and we will reschedule. There is no penalty or cancelation fee for changing the date of a session. I want everyone to arrive at their best so we can have the best photo session possible.

I hope you’ve found a few of these planning tips helpful. If you have any further questions about planning a photo session with your children, please feel free to send me an email. I’ve done many family photo sessions and I know what works and what doesn’t.

Find out more about my Family Photo Sessions at my Westmount Studio on my FAQ page or get in touch through my contact form. Or visit my Facebook Page Here.


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