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Fall family pictures shot outdoors have a beauty and warmth, that can’t be found at any other time of year.

The leaves are turning rich shades of red and gold. The fall light is warm and golden. And being outdoors on a perfect fall day is priceless. The best time in Montreal for a fall family photo shoot is between mid- October to mid- November.

With the cooler weather and the stunning fall colours at their peak, now is the time to check your calendar to ensure you leave time open for an outdoor family photo session.


If you are thinking of giving professional family photos as a gift for the holidays, now is the time to schedule an outdoor family photography session.. If you wait too long, the leaves will have fallen and the temperature will be much colder.

WHAT IS AN OUTDOOR FAMILY PHOTO SESSION? Outdoor photography is very different from studio photography. I can shoot faster and in a more candid fashion in natural light. I love outdoor photography because I can change direction, lighting and background in the blink of an eye. My focus becomes solely on catching all the candid natural moments.

A Fun and Rewarding Experience The great thing about being photographed outdoors is everyone is more relaxed. It’s my job to take care of the logistics, suggesting locations, backgrounds, actions and poses. You and the kids will be moving around to provide for a variety of colorful and more subdued backgrounds. At the end of our session, you can count on a fun experience with about 100 final photos that are all yours to keep.

If you have a high-energy child (or children) that don’t like to sit still for long, an outdoor shoot is the way to go. You will get lots of beautiful photos of you and your kids. But best of all the kids will enjoy the experience because they will be running, playing and laughing their way through the photo shoot.

Photoshoots that capture the naturalness of these candid moments is called Lifestyle. My work is a mix of posed and lifestyle photography. A BETTER DEFINITION OF ‘LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY’ Unlike posed photography, lifestyle photography is a much looser and spontaneous style of shooting. Children’s photography lends itself very well to lifestyle shooting. I do love to get those “perfect, everyone looking at the camera and smiling” photos. There is something magical about catching the perfect un-posed photo of a child that really reveals their personality and their true personality. A lot of my work falls into the lifestyle photography category, especially my wedding photography. That is the reason my posed photos have such a natural and spontaneous quality.

MORE ABOUT KATE FELLERATH’S OUTDOOR FALL FAMILY PICTURES Booking a family photo session with me is very simple. Just send me an email with the date and time that is best for your family. We can discuss some different location options around Montreal. I can also give you some tips on what to wear for the session. You are free to reschedule if a child is sick or if it’s raining.

An outdoor family photo session lasts about an hour. The most important photos are done in the first 20 minutes, so every one after that is bonus! I focus right away on getting great posed family photos but I also shoot a lot of lifestyle family pictures as well. As much as the posed photos are beautiful in a frame, it is sometimes the candid moments that are the most precious and meaningful.

I take the time to do professional portraits of each child, the kids together, and every combination in between. You are welcome to bring as many people as you wish to your family session – even the family dog! (That is another advantage of outdoor photography – lots of space!)

After the session, I will edit and retouch all your photos and deliver them to you via website link that will allow you to download the photos, order prints and share with family and friends. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO MY OUTDOOR FAMILY SHOOT? You will find lots and lots of photo inspirations for what to wear on Pintrest. Here are some simple tips on what to wear and what to avoid:

  • Avoid bulky jackets and coats. (They just look big and shapeless in photos.)

  • Do lots of layering with shirts, sweaters, scarves. (layers and textures look good in colour and black and white photos)

  • Clothes should fit properly. (Not wrinkled or messy)

  • Avoid large patterns and words on clothing. (They distract from the subjects and become too much of the focus.)

  • Wear what you love and what you feel good in.

WHAT CAN I DO WITH THE PHOTOS FROM MY FAMILY PHOTO SHOOT? Getting professional family portraits is a great gift for parents and grandparents. A gift of a family photo session is also a very personal and special gift. I now offer custom coffee table books containing a collection of the images from your outdoor family shoot. I also offer prints, frames, canvas and acrylics. Contact me today to schedule an appointment to discuss having your family photographed for the holidays.

An other option for the holidays is to gift a family photo session. Gift certificates are available. The recipient simply has to call and schedule a mutually convenient time for the photo session, either in the studio or outdoors.

WILL MY OUTDOOR FAMILY SESSION WORK FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS AND HOLIDAY GIFTS? If you would like to use the photos from your outdoor photo shoot for holiday cards and gifts, I suggest you consider wearing clothes that represent the season. Cozy sweaters, a splash of red, or a down vest.

If I know that the photos are intended for a holiday card or Christmas gift, I will also give you some less “leafy” options to keep with the season. Or you may want to consider a session in my photo studio – located in Westmount.

MORE INFO ON THE STUDIO PHOTO SESSIONS In the month of November through April, I will be offering family photo sessions in my Montreal Photo studio. With the shorter days and the weather becoming more unpredictable, doing portraits in studio is the great option. Come in for a cozy photo session and I will create a beautiful family portrait for you. My studio work is simple, classic and looks beautiful framed. You can see some examples of my studio portrait photography in the Children’s portrait section of my portfolio.

FALL FAMILY PICTURES – PACKAGES AND PRICES I have two different packages for outdoor family shoots.

  • session alone with the option to purchase images after

  • session with all the photos included

Take the first option if you want a photo for your Christmas card and a few prints to give as gifts.

The second (all included) option is the best choice if you are wishing to document your family and love high quality candid photos. It’s also the best choice if you would like to make a photo book, a calendar or a fun slideshow to remember the children as they currently are, before they grow up. Time flies by so fast, and iPhone photos and quick snaps don’t always capture as much one would wish. Professional photography is a treat and a luxury but these are days to be remember and cherished. A ‘once-a-year’ session to do fall family pictures is a gift of memories. Professional family photos are something to be treasured and cherished for years to come.

Please contact me to find out more about my photography or to book a photo session.


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