Surprise Wedding Proposal in Montreal

If you’re thinking of planning a surprise wedding proposal in Montreal, here are some photos for inspiration and a few tips and hints that you might find helpful.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been asked to photograph a few surprise wedding proposals in Montreal. It is by far one of the most fun projects I do as a photographer. There’s an air of secrecy, planning, and nothing compares to the candid and spontaneous joy of the moment.

Here are some photos of my most recent surprise proposal in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica in the heart of Old Montreal. The images speak for themselves. The moment was perfect: the sun was setting, there was a little fall crispness in the air and everything had been planned to perfection.
Surprise Proposal MontrealSurprise Proposalsurprise proposal montrealmontreal wedding proposalromantic proposal in montrealAfter she had recovering from the shock and surprise of this unexpected proposal (and said “yes!”), I offered to do a mini engagement photo shoot around Old Montreal. We walked through the streets as the sun set and enjoyed the incredible moment of this life changing event. Evening photo shoots are special because the street lamps and city lights made these portraits rich with colour and full of emotion.

engement photo montrealengagement in montreal engagement in montreal montreal wedding proposalIf you’re considering hiring a photographer for your surprise wedding proposal, here are a few tips that I can recommend:

  1. Meet with the photographer ahead of time to scout the location and decide on the action plan for the proposal. Will the photographer be hidden or part of the story?
  2. Ask to see some of your photographer’s previous surprise-proposal photos. It shows that they have experience and will do a good job.
  3. On the day of the proposal – don’t forget to bring your cell phone to communicate and coordinate with your photographer.
  4. Have your photographer stay on to capture some portraits of the two of you. I always offer this to my clients – it will be your first official engagement photos and something you can use to announce your engagement with originality by email, Facebook and other social media!
  5. Nothing will compare to the emotion captured at that moment so having a prepared and seasoned photographer is key. It will be an incredible memory for years to come. As well as a great story to tell friends (with great photos to enhance the story!) Last but certainly not least, if you’re planning a surprise Wedding Proposal in Montreal, don’t forget that Kate Fellerath would be an excellent choice of photographer for your surprise proposal 😉 experienced, professional and always creative.

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