The Beauty and Warmth of Fall Family Pictures

Fall family pictures shot outdoors have a beauty and warmth, that can’t be found at any other time of year.
fall family photos in park

The leaves are turning rich shades of red and gold. The fall light is warm and golden. And being outdoors on a perfect fall day is priceless.

The Must-Have Wedding Day Photo List

A wedding day photo list is a great way to make sure your photographer doesn’t miss a moment of your wedding day.

Among the thousands of pictures taken by a photographer on your wedding day, here is helpful list of the most important wedding photos.


Wedding Prices Explained

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding can be challenging.

wedding at Stewart Hall

As you are searching for a wedding photographer, I’m sure you’ve started to wonder why some photographers appear to be very expensive, while others are worryingly cheap. (more…)

15 Inspiring Wedding Picture Ideas

Great wedding photographs allow you relive the memories of your wedding day for years to come.

Old Montreal wedding

It really does make a difference to hire an experienced professional wedding photographer for your big day. (more…)

Professional Business Headshots for 2017

Professional business headshots are very important in this digital age. They will probably be the first thing people see even before meeting you.

Professional Business Headshots

A high quality portrait by a professional photographer is a perfect way to present yourself to new clients.