15 Inspiring Wedding Picture Ideas

Great wedding photographs allow you relive the memories of your wedding day for years to come.

Old Montreal wedding

It really does make a difference to hire an experienced professional wedding photographer for your big day. This is no time to entrust photographing one of the biggest events in your life to someone “who likes taking pictures”.

Knowing what’s involved in taking great photographs ahead of time will help you prepare for the photo session. The following 15 wedding picture ideas will help you get the best photos on your wedding day

Easy Wedding Poses That Work for Everyone.

  1. When posing for your wedding portraits, remember to angle your body slightly to the left or right with your face looking at the camera. This is the most flattering way to pose as well as highlighting the shape of your wedding dress.
  2. I recommend that the bride and groom lean subtly towards the camera. Everything closer to the camera will appear larger – so this is a way to look a little slimmer.
  3. The groom should consider putting his hands in pants pockets. It broadens the shoulders and creates a trim and flattering line.
  4. For close-up bridal portraits, couples should stand close together and make sure there is no gap between them. It might feel a little unnatural but it looks great in photos.

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

  1. Be yourself. The more natural the better. The best wedding photos happen when you are relaxed and having fun in front of the camera. Leave the details and the suggested posing to your wedding photographer. They will give you lots of guidance and suggestions as to what will look better for the photo.
  2. Every bridal portrait session is different because I want the photos to reflect the true personality of each of my clients. This is what defines high end wedding photography. It is unique, personalized photography and focuses on the client. I don’t have a list of wedding poses that I do for every wedding. Each event is unique and I create and capture images as I see them.

wedding montage outside St-James hotel in Montreal

Great Wedding Picture Ideas for Fabulous Results

  1. Be open to suggestions but don’t be afraid to let me know if something feels too unnatural or doesn’t feel right. We will adjust the pose so that you look great and the photo represents you well.
  2. No need to have a big smile in every wedding picture. A variety of expressions helps make each photo unique.
  3. Keep moving! The more you stay in one place and in one pose, the more stiff and unnatural the wedding photography will appear.

In my wedding photo sessions, I like to keep people walking, running, talking and laughing. That’s the best way to get natural expressions and candid moments.

  1. Hold hands, be affectionate, laugh and have fun. Bride and Groom photos should be the highlight of the day (after the wedding ceremony of course!).

I like to give clear and simple directions to my clients. I want them to feel relaxed, enjoy the moment and let me take care of creating a collection of beautiful wedding images. These are the images that will be used in frames, wedding albums and cherished for years to come.


Best Locations for Creative Wedding Photos

  1. A park is a beautiful location for bridal photos. If you are choosing a park, make sure there are no houses or cars in the background. That will help keep your wedding photos looking clean, simple and elegant.
  2. Consider doing your posed family photos right after the wedding ceremony in the same location. This is a nice souvenir of that location and also saves time by not having to wait for everyone to arrive at the new wedding photo location.
  3. If you love city life than don’t be afraid to pick an urban location for your wedding pictures. Consider a city street with quaint shops, a favourite coffee shop or a local market.

For these photo shoots, I love to showcase the architecture and vibrant street life. These photos feel real, uncontrived and are always very personal.

  1. If you are planning a wedding in Montreal, I highly recommend Old Montreal as a location for bride and groom photos. The small cobblestoned streets are full of character and the light is always beautiful in that part of the city.

bride and groom in Montreal

  1. It’s always best to keep the background simple. A background that isn’t too busy will be distracting. Uncluttered backgrounds will help make you the focus of the photo. 

One Final Piece of Good Advice

It’s always a good idea to create a “must-have” photo list (i.e. pictures with the parents, favourite uncle etc, ….) and discuss this with your wedding photographer before the photo session starts. In the short period available for the photo session, things move really quickly and it’s easy to overlook taking photos of certain people who are important in your life.

Montreal wedding photography


Don’t hesitate to discuss your wedding picture ideas with your photographer.

Should I have the pleasure of photographing your wedding in or around Montreal, you can be sure that in addition to your “must-have” photos, I will work with you to create truly inspirational photos that capture your personality as well as the magic of your wedding.

About the Author

Montreal photographerKate is a Montreal-based wedding photographer with 10 years of experience. She has photographed hundreds of weddings and enjoys sharing her insight with clients and blog followers. Her use of natural light and technical ease allows her to create memorable, unique and beautiful wedding photos for all her clients.

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